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Keep Waco Wacko

So it’s official. I’m gonna be coming to Waco July 1 ! woot! So, if anyone wants to hang out or anything, leave me a message. I’m going to see the Miss Firecracker contest. Deborah is in the cast! Good Luck! Lets see, I’m going Friday night at 7:30 I think, and tickets are $8 so if anyone else wants to go and meet me there, that would rock! Now I once again have to give my sis a tour of the campus so I cant spend all my time with my friends, but I can spend some time! I’m soooooooo EXCITED! I miss my friends so much, and common grounds too! So, yea, if anyone wants to see me, because I know how much y’all miss me, hehe, just let me know! Talk to ya later!

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